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The Canadian Cattle Industry mourns the loss of CCA President Reg Schellenberg

Reg Schellenberg was a well-known face and voice, who was well-respected in the beef industry.

The rancher from Beechy (Saskatchewan) was first elected to the Canadian Cattle Association in 2010 and became President of the organization earlier this year.

He served as co-chair of the Foreign Trade Committee, represented the CCA on the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency and co-chaired the Animal Health and Care Committee with Pat Hayes.

When commenting on his friend's passing, Hayes noted that Reg had a well-rounded view of the whole industry.

"The big thing to him is our native ranges and keeping that ecosystem in place. Reg was a cow-calf operation, but he represented the whole industry. He understood the whole industry and you couldn't have one segment without the other."

Hayes says Reg was involved in cowboy politics for some time.

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