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‘There’s no guarantee for the weather’. Sask. crop specialist not concerned over lack of moisture

The regional crop specialist in Weyburn says it’s too early to worry about the lack of snow cover in southern Saskatchewan.
Sherri Roberts says there is still a lot of time before spring seeding.
“If we don’t get our rain, or some form of precipitation before the middle of March, then I would start getting anxious,” Roberts said. “But for now, I don’t think we’re at the point that anybody needs to get too worried yet.”
Roberts says the limited snow cover could have an impact on seeding decisions this spring.
“If this was the second week of March, and we were looking at the low amounts of moisture we’ve got, I would start getting a bit apprehensive,” Roberts said. “But, I’ve been in Saskatchewan enough years to know that we can still get a lot of moisture yet.”
Saskatchewan Stock Growers president Shane Jahnke however is concerned about the lack of snow cover for pastures.
Source : CKRM