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U.S. Pork Industry: Championing Sustainable Farming for a Better Tomorrow

Deep-Rooted Connection to Pig Farming
I’m honored to attend the COP28 climate summit in Dubai to represent the U.S. pork industry this week. I carry with me an understanding of the industry’s evolution and current global role, as well as a family history in the pork industry spanning at least five generations.

My great uncle, grandfather and uncle owned a sale barn in southern Missouri, once known as the feeder pig capital of the world. Witnessing the decline in producer numbers from millions in the 1950s to just thousands today fuels my passion for sustainability in pork production.

Today, our industry is producing nutritious protein while continuously improving our environmental footprint — a story that recognizes those who have paved the way for us and ensures our ability to continue feeding a growing population.

Operational Longevity Through We Care
Sustainability is not new to the U.S. pork industry. However, the documented improvements in environmental outcomes are a more recent development. This documentation is key to ensuring we can freely operate our farms and businesses. We’re adapting our practices for environmental stewardship and ensuring they contribute to our long-term business success.

Our mission is clear: U.S. pork aims to be a global leader in sustainability. We believe in doing the right thing every day for people, pigs and the planet, guided by our We Care Ethical Principles and ensuring continuous improvement in a financially sensible way.

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