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Victory for wheat growers in glyphosate case

In a significant win for the agricultural community, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed a permanent block on Proposition 65 warning labels for glyphosate. NAWG, representing American wheat producers, stood at the forefront of this legal fight, underscoring the scientific backing confirming glyphosate’s safety and challenging the proposed warnings as scientifically unfounded and harmful for business. 

Celebrating the outcome, NAWG President Brent Cheyne called the victory a product of six years of tenacious legal advocacy focused on the evidence of glyphosate’s safety. The demanded labels would have falsely implied risks associated with glyphosate, potentially deterring its use, pivotal for many farming operations. 

The ruling has broader implications beyond the immediate requirement for warning labels; it supports the notion that agricultural regulations need to be rooted in solid science. Other plaintiffs aligned with NAWG in the fight included the Agricultural Retailers Association, the Iowa Soybean Association, and the National Corn Growers Association, among others. Together, these groups applaud the court's decision for upholding the integrity of agricultural inputs. 

NAWG’s role extends to working closely with state wheat organizations and influencing national policy to favor the growth and sustainability of the wheat industry. The judgment delivered by the court thereby aligns with NAWG's commitment to safeguard agricultural interests and practices against unfounded regulatory overreach. 

This court case underscores the delicate balance between environmental health policies and agricultural realities. It reiterates the importance of glyphosate for crop management and reflects the agricultural sector's resilience in defending necessary farming tools against potentially damaging legislation. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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