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Western Livestock Price Insurance Program Deadline Approaching

Cattlemen have been seeing the benefits of reducing some of the price risk of raising cattle.
Jodie Griffin is a coordinator with the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP).
She says ranchers have had some trying times with a long, cold winter followed by a tough spring during the calving season.
"The price insurance program is here to help you with one more part of risk that it takes to operate in your business. We can't manage the weather and we can't manage the markets. Here's something that you can do to mitigate yourself against potential, unforeseen circumstances that could lay ahead as we go into the fall of 2018."
The calf program is designed to protect producers from three areas of risk, including price, currency and basis risk.
Calf price insurance is available until the end of May and can be purchased every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Source : Steinbachonline