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What Precision Technologies Are Being Used Most in Conservation Tillage Systems?

The use of precision technology continues to grow for conservation-minded farmers according to No-Till Farmer’s 16th annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study and Strip-Till Farmer’s 11th annual Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study.  
Compared to 2022, more no-tillers plan to use all categories of precision technology listed in the survey, with the exception of variable-rating fertilizer. Only 31% of no-tillers are going to variable-rate their fertilizer in 2024, compared to the 35.1% in the 2022 survey.

GPS tractor auto-steer remains the top precision tech tool, with 69% of no-tillers planning to use guidance in 2024, a near 9-point increase from 60.5%. Over half (56.7%) will use yield monitor data analysis, a 10-point increase from 2022. Nearly half of no-tillers will use auto-boom or nozzle shutoffs, followed by field mapping (46.3%) and auto seed shutoff (41%).

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