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Whole Hog Youth Ambassador Outlines Where Pork Comes From

Sask Pork's Whole Hog Youth Ambassador says the public needs to be aware that food doesn't just appear in the grocery store, it is produced through the hard work of farmers.

The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board’s Whole Hog Youth Ambassador Program, launched last month, is designed to bring youth into the discussion of how pork is produced and where our food comes from.

Sask Pork Whole Hog Youth Ambassador 10-year-old Reise Podhordeski says people need to know what goes into the production of food and how it gets to their table.

Clip-Reise Podhordeski-Saskatchewan Pork Development Board:

As the youth ambassador my role is to inform others about the pork industry.I get to talk to other kids my age to share what I've learned about how pigs are raised.Since the program launched I've been able to take part in a number of interviews and have attended a few events such as ag awareness summit and ag in the city.

I was able to chat with Maddie from Learn about Ag with Maddie, Clinton Monchuk with Farm and Food Care and Shelby at 4H Saskatchewan.Coming up this month I'll be visiting classrooms for Canadian Ag Literacy Month and In April I'll be at the Discover the Farm event in Swift Current.

There seems to be a lot of interest.I think the most common questions are how many pigs in a litter, what do pigs eat and how big do they get.People I'm meeting are finding it really interesting to learn about how their food is raised and people already involved in agriculture like that, we are able to teach about food production.
I feel that people should know where their food comes from.

It doesn't just appear at the grocery store.Farmers put a lot of care and attention into raising pigs to make sure we have the best pork.I want people to know that pigs are raised with lots of care and that farmers work hard to make sure that we have safe food.

Podhordeski says there's a lot of technology used in raising pigs and that's really cool.

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