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XiteBio® OptiPlus® for Soybeans: A New Kind of Inoculant

XiteBio Announces Limited Trial Launch of XiteBio® OptiPlus® for Soybean
WINNIPEG, Canada: XiteBio Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the limited trial launch of XiteBio® OptiPlus® for Soybeans, a premium liquid biological inoculant co-pack that promotes nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilisation for soybeans.
XiteBio® OptiPlus® is a revolutionary proprietary liquid inoculant for soybeans powered by marketproven AGPT® (Advanced Growth Promoting Technology). It combines nitrogen-fixing bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum together with patented phosphate-solubilizing PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) Bacillus firmus to increase plant nodulation and naturally enhance soybean crop performance & yields. XiteBio® OptiPlus® is a co-pack that is applied in-furrow and can be tankmixed with compatible liquid starter fertilizers, providing growers greater benefit and flexibility as they prepare for the upcoming 2021 cropping season.
“XiteBio® OptiPlus® provides optimum number of nitrogen-fixing bacteria to enhance early season nodulation while also releasing soil stored phosphorous, iron and calcium, which are key nutrients to produce a high yielding soybean crop”, says Bill Busby, Sales Manager at XiteBio. “It can be tank-mixed with compatible liquid fertilizers for easy in-furrow application without the extra work or hassle often associated with applying granular products”, Busby adds.
“The unique formulation of XiteBio® OptiPlus® naturally invigorates soil microbiology to maximize nutrient availability for soybean crops in an environment friendly way. This promotes healthier soils which ultimately lead to higher yielding crops”, explains Dr. Manas Banerjee, President & CEO of XiteBio Technologies.
XiteBio® OptiPlus® is an outstanding option for soybean producers from XiteBio Technologies. The product will be available through XiteBio’s North American distributors and dealers. However, in this trial launching year product supply would be limited. For more information about the product or its supply, please contact your local XiteBio reps or your local XiteBio dealers or distributors.
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