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New AZteroid Fungicide From Vive Crop Protection

Mar 26, 2017

Vive Crop Protection’s AZteroid FC fungicide ( )

is the first fungicide designed specifically to mix with liquid fertilizers for use at planting. Using AZteroid FC and starter fertilizer at-plant increases seedling growth and vigor, and leads to faster, more uniform emergence. This is particularly important in no-till systems where planting occurs into colder, wetter soils, and disease carryover from the previous season can be an issue.

In the past, applying fungicide and starter fertilizer simultaneously has relied on complex and expensive equipment solutions, ultimately leading to inconsistent field performance. AZteroid FC is the first fungicide designed for direct mixing with liquid fertilizer right in the spray tank for a worry-free, consistent, high-performing application.

AZteroid FC contains the active ingredient azoxystrobin and provides broad-spectrum early-season control for in-furrow application for corn, soybean, potatoes, sugar beets, and other major crops. AZteroid FC can also be used in foliar applications, and performs particularly well when mixed with challenging tank-mix partners. AZteroid FC can also be mixed with Vive’s Bifender FC insecticide to provide simultaneous control of seedling disease and insect pests.