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Sheep Farming: Another Day On The Farm!

Oct 12, 2022

Video: Sheep Farming: Another Day On The Farm!

At Ewetopia Farms, it is another day on the farm. In other words, we go through our daily routines of feeding the sheep. And feeding time when lambs are around, also means lamb races! While watching the lambs play, we decided that they need more bedding in their pen. We cracked open our first of the barley straw we made this summer. However, things didn't go as planned as far as rolling out bedding goes. The lambs do so well in the Coveralls that we also trimmed more hooves and released more sheep from the lambing jugs so they can join the others in the Coveralls shortly. We ended the day with a nighttime feeding of the bottle babies. I hope you enjoy your day with us on the farm!