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Peek inside a Manitoba nursery pig barn

Jul 18, 2019

Video: Peek inside a Manitoba nursery pig barn

Hog farmer Kenny, from the Rural Municipality of Springfield in Manitoba, shared video shows a nursery barn with weanling pigs at about 6 weeks of age. You can see the feeder in the centre of the pens and the water on the wall, providing the pigs with fresh water and feed at all times. To ensure the pigs are comfortably warm, the nursery barn is kept between 24-30 °C. Pigs’ social interactions can include playing, nosing, sniffing, chewing and fighting. Weanlings remain in the nursery barn for five to eight weeks, growing from about 6 kg (13 lb) up to about 26-30 kg (57-66 lb), and are then moved to a feeder barn.