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2024 Welcomes new USDA EKDLG fellows from across the US

USDA's fellowship program grows with largest class of Hispanic-serving educators


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proud to announce the induction of the 2024 class of E. Kika De La Garza (EKDLG) Fellows, comprising 32 distinguished faculty and staff from Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

This marks the largest group since the program’s inception, reflecting USDA's ongoing commitment to advance equity and professional development.

These fellows will participate in a specialized program in Washington, D.C., designed to familiarize them with USDA's broad spectrum of services and programs that can significantly benefit their educational communities and beyond.

The initiative is a critical component of USDA’s strategy to build a diverse workforce and to facilitate equitable access to its services.

Participants of the EKDLG Fellowship will split their time between general educational sessions and specialized tracks tailored to their professional focus areas, including high school education and scientific research.

Notably, the Science fellows will extend their stay to collaborate on projects with USDA’s top researchers, contributing to vital agricultural research and policy development.

The fellowship program, operational since 1998, plays an essential role in fortifying relationships with over 600 Hispanic-Serving Institutions across the U.S. These institutions are pivotal in nurturing a significant segment of the nation's future workforce.

By engaging with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and placing thousands of interns since 1994, USDA continues to demonstrate its dedication to transforming America’s food system and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Through such programs, USDA reaffirms its commitment to removing systemic barriers and fostering an inclusive environment that mirrors the demographic makeup of the country.

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