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Ag celebrates H2O on World Water Day

Ag celebrates H2O on World Water Day

Water testing can help field and greenhouse producers

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

Many global industries are reliant on water, but perhaps none more than agriculture.

The United Nations has celebrated March 22 as World Water Day for the past 25 years. The day puts water into the global spotlight, as people discuss ways to overcome water challenges.

Without water, farmers would find it difficult to produce a crop.

“Water is obviously essential to almost all agricultural production,” Barbara Spanjers, a lab technician with Stratford Agri Analysis in Stratford, Ont., told today. “You’re feeding your crops with water and you feed your animals with it. Without water, farmers would have a hard time producing anything.”

Good quality water is also important.

Greenhouse growers, for example, can use water testing to identify and then address nutrient deficiencies, Spanjers said.

“Most greenhouses use a hydroponic nutrient delivery system,” she said. “Water testing can tell greenhouse growers what the nutrient levels are in their water and what they need to add. The growers can take that information and make the necessary adjustments to their watering systems.”

Livestock producers can also use water testing to ensure herds are drinking clean water, Spanjers added.

Approximately 69 per cent of the world’s water is used for agriculture, according to the United Nations.

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