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Being thankful ahead of Thanksgiving

Being thankful ahead of Thanksgiving

Ontario producers highlighted the importance of family and good crops

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

People across the country will spend time with family and friends during Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend.

Before carving into a turkey or ham with by multiple delicious sides, many people will take a moment to give thanks to whatever or whomever has helped make 2019 a memorable and successful year.

With that at top of mind, reached out to members of Ontario’s ag community to find out what they are thankful for this year.

Some producers are thankful that they get to wake up every morning and be a farmer.

“For me, I’ve got the best job in the world,” Rudi Spruit, a dairy farmer from Bruce County, told “After going to school and getting work experience, I got to go home and work with my mom and dad every day. It’s the best thing you could ever do and I’m extremely thankful for that.”

Spruit is also appreciative for a new addition to his family.

He and his wife Samantha welcomed a baby boy, Hendrik, in May.

“I’m thankful for my amazing wife and how she was able to get through all of that and how strong she was, and that we’re starting a happy, healthy family,” he said.

Other farmers, like Christine Francis, a corn, soybean and white bean grower from Perth County, are also thankful for their loved ones.

 “I’m certainly thankful for my family,” she told “Family is everything, so it’s wonderful when everyone can get together to have a beautiful meal and spend time with one another.”

Francis is also thankful that some of her white bean crop turned out well despite some challenging conditions.

“I’m very happy with the outcome of the white bean harvest considering how dry it was,” she said. “We’re hoping to start soybean harvest soon and that the yields are good there too.”

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at!

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