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Buyers make John Deere combine top seller at equipment auction

Buyers make John Deere combine top seller at equipment auction

The 2017 S670 combine sold after 230 bids Auction Report

Of the 1,418 pieces of equipment sold during a Feb. 16, BigIron auction, a John Deere combine sold for the highest price.

The 2017 John Deere S670 combine from Gridley, Kan., sold for US$239,500 (CAD$303,964) to a buyer from Texas after 230 bids.

Specs: 943 engine hours, 647 separator hours, 10,515 total acres harvested, JD 9.0L 500 Hp. 6 Cylinder Turbo-diesel Engine, 3 Speed Hydro Transmission, Lateral Tilt Feederhouse, Single Point Hook-up, Bin Extension, 300 Bu. Grain Tank, Straw Chopper, Chaff Spreader, Cab w/ Heat+AC, AM/FM Radio, Suspension Seat, Buddy Seat, Monitor, Active Yield Grain Weighing System, Extended Wear Package, 800/70R38 Front Tires, 600/70R28 Rear Tires.

A 2012 John Deere 9460 4WD tractor from Hubbard, Neb., sold for US$180,250 (CAD$228,788) to a buyer from Indiana after 225 bids.

Specs: 3,617 hours, 460 Hp, John Deere 13.5L 6-Cyl, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, Power Shift Transmission, 18 Forward Speeds, 6 Reverse Speeds, Independent PTO, Large 1000 PTO, Rear PTO Location, 5 Auxiliary Hydraulics, Power Beyond Hydraulics & Case Drain, Hydraulic Brakes, Articulated Steering, 710/30R38 Front Tires, 710/30R38 Rear Tires, Front And Rear Duals, Heater, AC, Radio, Instructor Seat, John Deere Greenstar 3 Monitor, Inner Wheel Weights On All 4 Main Wheels, (3) Sets Of Outer Rear Wheel Weights, Axle Mount HD 10-Bolt Duals.

A 2009 Case IH 5088 combine from Daykin, Neb., sold for US$115,750 (CAD$139,905) to a buyer from the same state after 152 bids.

Specs: 1,811 engine hours, 1,242 separator hours, Case IH 6TAA-8304 Engine, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, Engine Serial Number 73000145, Hydrostatic Transmission, 3 Forward Speeds, 3 Reverse Speeds, Size Not Legible Single Front Tires, 18.4-26 Rear Tires, Variable Speed Header Drive, Lateral Header Tilt, Reverser, Rock Trap, Single Point Hookup, Auto Height Control, Single Rotor, Electric Concave Adjustment, Corn And Soybean Sieve And Chaffer, Electric Sieve And Chaffer Adjustment, Rotary Chopper, Straw Spreader, Heater, AC, Radio, Instructor Seat, Guidance Ready, Operator's Manual, Rear Wheel Assist.

A 2008 John Deere 7930 MFWD tractor from Gridley, Kan., sold for US$110,250 (CAD$139,921) to a buyer from Nebraska after 150 bids.

Specs: 4,133 hours, 180 PTO Hp, JD 6.8L 6 Cylinder Turbo-diesel Engine, JD IVT Transmission, Differential Lock, 3 Remotes, CAT III 3 Pt Hitch w/ Quick Hitch, 540/1000 Rpm PTO, Suspension Seat, Buddy Seat, AM/FM Radio, Integrated Hydraulic Auto Steer Ready (No Globe Or Monitor), Heat+AC, 12) 47 KG Front Suitcase Weights, Firestone Radial All Traction 23 18.4R46 Rear Dual Tires, 480/70R30 Front Tires.

A 2007 Hagie STS10 sprayer from Raymond, Neb., sold for US$102,000 (CAD$129,439) to a buyer from Indiana after 148 bids.

Specs: 2,128 hours, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, 6 Cylinder Cummins, Hydrostatic Transmission, AWD, Air Suspension, Steering Axle Suspension, Hydraulic Brakes, 380/85R46 Front Tires, 380/85R46 Rear Tires, Steel Wheels, 90’ Boom Reach, Fenders, 3 Way Nozzle Body, Fence Row Nozzles, Foam Marking, Poly Primary Tank, 50Gal. Chemical Tank Capacity, Rinse Tank, Chemical Inductor, Power Folding, 15” Spacing, Heater, AC, Radio, GPS, Guidance Ready, John Deere 2600 Display, Raven SCS-Sidekick Control, Touch Screen Command, John Deere StarFire 3000 Receiver, Air Ride Seat, Front Fill, Green Star Equipped, Operators Manual, 1000 Gallon Primary Tank.

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