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Case IH Introduces HDS on Quadtrac Tractors

Case IH Introduces HDS on Quadtrac Tractors

Heavy-Duty Suspension Enhances Ride Comfort and Durability 

By Ryan Ridley

Case IH is making a significant advancement in its Quadtrac tractor lineup with the introduction of the Heavy-Duty Suspension (HDS) system. 

This innovative technology is designed to enhance operator comfort and machine durability, Case IH product manager, Morgen Dietrich, told 

Debuting on the 715 model and planned for wider integration across all Case IH Quadtrac platforms for model year 2025, the HDS system introduces oscillating roller wheels. 

These roller wheels can move up and down, providing a total travel of 7 inches, and have a limited back-and-forth oscillation. This design translates to a significantly smoother ride for the operator, reducing fatigue and improving overall comfort during long working days. 

The benefits of HDS extend beyond operator experience. 

By absorbing jolts and shocks typically encountered during operation, the HDS system reduces stress on the machine itself. This translates to increased durability and potentially fewer maintenance needs over time. 

Case IH is eager to get the HDS system into the hands of its customers. 

Order books are expected to open in June 2024, with production commencing in the fourth quarter for model year 2025 tractors. 

Case IH also plans to have demonstration models touring the US and Canada throughout the summer.  

You can contact your local Case IH dealer for a chance to experience the HDS system firsthand. 

For a full rundown of the HDS system, watch the below video. 

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