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Case IH introduces Precision Disk 550 Series air drill

Case IH introduces Precision Disk 550 Series air drill

This piece of equipment will be available in spring 2023


One of the draws of the National Farm Machinery Show is the opportunity to see new pieces of equipment.

Not just equipment available to farmers now, but also a glimpse of what’s to come.

Case IH provided that opportunity to visitors by showing off its Precision Disk 550T Series air drill.

This piece of machinery, which will be available in spring 2023, features some enhancements over previous models.

One upgrade pertains to the row unit, particularly on the closing system.

“We’ve added a new standard, from the factory angle adjusting mechanism,” Trent Nowosad, seeding marketing manager with Case IH, told at the show. “That gives (operators) more consistency at closing that seed trench in tough conditions like no-till.”

Case IH has also upgraded the product tank.

Capacity is increased by 40 bushels on the 30- and 40-foot models. The 550T also comes in a 25-foot model.

“We’re now up to 140 bushels of capacity on our 40-foot size,” Nowosad said. “With that increased capacity it’s given us the opportunity to redesign the tank.”

The new tank features include a drip edge and a sloping design for better product flow.

Optional scale kits also received upgrades.

They now come with automatic calibration.

“It allows you to better fine tune your rate while you’re seeding in the field to get a higher level of accuracy,” Nowosad said.

Be sure to check often as the team will continue to upload content from the National Farm Machinery Show.

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