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Create quick and easy access with a drill dock

Create quick and easy access with a drill dock

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Use the drill dock to help keep your tools organized and in good shape

Braxten Breen, Intern

It’s not uncommon for a farmer’s tool bench to be cluttered with tools, especially during busy periods of time where tools are frequently being used and returned without immediate cleaning or organizing.  

The Drill Dock is a sturdy mounted bracket that attaches to any shelf on your tool bench with a universal design that allows it to fit any drill or driver a farmer may have.  

Simply slide the drill in the dock to store, and slide the drill out when needed, thus creating quick and easy access for the farmer when the drill or driver is needed. 

The Drill Dock has a sturdy mounting bracket that’s attachable to any shelf on your tool bench that will create a permanent home base for your drills and drivers.  

If wanting to go mobile with the Drill Dock, simply push the tab on the mounting bracket and slide. From there you’ll be able transfer the Drill Dock to a shelf in the truck, pocket in your work bag, edge of a bucket, etc. with the heavy-duty clip. 

The Drill sock features a strong magnet that keeps your most frequently used drill bits secured and ready when needed. Along with a drill bit sizing guide to avoid playing the guessing game when it comes to the right size. 

If you’re looking to reduce the clutter of frequently used tools, especially drills and drivers, the Drill Dock provides immediate access to tools. Whether it’s inside the barn on the tool bench or going mobile around the farm. 

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