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DFC raises concerns in front-of-package labelling consultations

DFC raises concerns in front-of-package labelling consultations

Industry group worries that labels could deter Canadians from seeking further nutritional information on dairy products


By Kaitlynn Anderson

Staff Reporter


The Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) plans to remain engaged in consultations about the Government of Canada’s proposed front-of-package labelling regulations.

The proposed regulations would require companies to place symbols on the packaging of foods that are high in saturated fat, sugars and/or sodium, the government website states.

While the organization supports the government’s initiative to educate consumers on the benefits of a well-balanced diet, it is “concerned that this approach to labelling may come with the unintended consequence of deterring Canadians from seeking more information on the nutritional value of dairy products,” Pierre Lampron, president of the DFC, said in release earlier this month.

Since the government plans to exempt multiple products from the regulations, including both whole and partly-skimmed non-flavoured milk, the DFC worries that the proposed label could stigmatize other dairy products that are not exempt.

Consumers may become confused “as to which products are healthy and which (ones) are not,” the release said.

So, the country’s dairy farmers will express their concerns throughout the consultation period “to ensure that Canadians can continue to enjoy nutritious dairy products as a part of a healthy, balanced diet,” Lampron said in the release.

The government will run an online survey during the consultations, which run until April 26. has reached out to the DFC for further comment.