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Farm bought—but tenant refuses to leave

Farm bought—but tenant refuses to leave

After purchasing a farm two years ago, he still can’t move in because the tenant refuses to leave.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image Lisa McIntyre on

After purchasing a Toronto-area farm two years ago, a tenant is steadfast in his refusal to leave, despite the Landlord Tenant Board’s decision.

Per an April 18, 2022, CBC report filed by Michael Smee, real estate broker Sarbjit Sra of Brampton purchased the 40-acre farm located about 60 kilometres northwest of Toronto in April of 2020 for $1.75 million.

Seeking an eviction order of the tenant so he and his family could live on the farm, he took the case to the provincial Landlord Tenant Board in June of 2020. It took until June of 2021 before the Board ruled in his favour, but the eviction order can not be acted upon such time that the Board issues it in writing.

He’s still waiting.

In the meantime, Sra continues to pay monthly expenses of $10,000 for his mortgage, taxes and farm utilities.

The tenant has refused to pay rent nor allow Sra access to the property.

To read the full CBC article, click HERE.

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There are always "grey" areas in the law!
Peter |Apr 19 2022 6:52AM
Parasites who squat on others' land are a scourge and should be dealt with as such.
J |Apr 18 2022 1:39PM