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Hong Kong Recalls “Small Portion” of XL Foods Beef

XL Foods Beef Recall Reaches Hong Kong

By Amanda Brodhagen,

The massive XL Foods beef recall has now expanded to Hong Kong. Authorities from Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety have been advising companies to ensure that they aren’t selling recalled beef from XL Foods. It has been reported that “a small portion” of recalled beef made it to Hong Kong. In the meantime, imports have been suspended for XL Foods beef products and Hong Kong authorities have been liaising with Canadian officials to continue to monitor the situation.

The number of E. coli cases linked to XL Foods beef has continued to grow, with a total of 11 confirmed cases across Canada in British Columbia, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec. XL Foods licence remains suspended, despite efforts by the company to have the licence re-instated. The E. coli contamination was first detected on Sept. 4 at the Canada – U.S. border.


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