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House farm bill wins over cattle ranchers


The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) lauded the House Farm Bill for prioritizing the needs of cattle ranchers. This bill offers crucial support in areas like disease prevention, disaster recovery, and market access.

NCBA President Mark Eisele expressed his appreciation for Chairman Thompson's commitment to listening to rancher concerns during the Farm Bill's development. He emphasized the importance of programs that protect against foreign animal diseases, promote voluntary conservation, and assist ranchers in recovering from natural disasters.

The House Farm Bill includes several provisions that benefit cattle ranchers: 

  • Disease Prevention: Increased funding for programs that safeguard against foreign animal diseases entering the US.

  • Disaster Relief: Expanded coverage and additional financial aid through the Livestock Indemnity Program to help ranchers recover from losses.

  • Conservation: Protection of voluntary conservation programs while strengthening existing initiatives that promote responsible land management.

  • National Security: Assessment of potential threats to the agricultural sector from cyberattacks, foreign dependence, and supply chain disruptions.

  • Feral Swine Eradication: Increased funding to tackle the growing problem of feral swine populations.

  • Local Processing: Support for small meatpacking facilities through the A-PLUS Act, enhancing market access for ranchers.

NCBA Vice President Gene Copenhaver commended Chairman Thompson's commitment to a collaborative approach in crafting the Farm Bill. He urged Congress to work together to ensure the bill's swift passage.

The House Farm Bill addresses critical concerns for cattle ranchers. It strengthens disease prevention efforts, bolsters disaster relief programs, and promotes opportunities for local processing. This comprehensive legislation ensures the continued success and sustainability of the cattle industry.

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