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It’s a Panda Calf!

Rare Miniature Calf Born with Panda-Like Markings

By Amanda Brodhagen,

A miniature panda calf was born on a Washington farm. John Bartheld has been breeding miniature cattle for about seven years and has successfully produced his first panda calf, which arrived about three weeks ago.

The panda calf, named Peanut was born June 28th to a miniature Hereford cow that was artificially inseminated with semen from a miniature Galloway bull.  It is called a panda calf because it resembles the markings of the Chinese panda bear.

Peanut is one of 40 cattle in the world that has the distinct panda-like features. The bull calf weighed about 30 pounds when it was born and was 17 inches tall. Miniature cattle will grow to be about 40 inches in height when they are fully grown.

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