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Man. farmers sign letter of intent with FuelPositive

Man. farmers sign letter of intent with FuelPositive

FuelPositive’s system makes anhydrous ammonia

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Manitoba farm family has signed a letter of intent that will see the farm receive a company’s first green ammonia production system.

Tracy and Curtis Hiebert, who farm on about 11,000 acres in Sperling, Man. will house FuelPositive’s first full-sized green ammonia production system on their farm.

The green ammonia “is produced by taking air, water and sustainable electricity and converting that into a non-polluting chemical, fertilizer and fuel,” FuelPositive’s website says.

The pilot is expected to begin in the late summer.

Its purpose is to place the system on the farm and use Manitoba’s carbon-free grid to power the system along with solar power available on the Hieberts’ farm.

The two parties will then evaluate the ins and outs of the system and how it works from a customer standpoint.

The Hieberts cite rising input costs, supplies and farm longevity as reasons why they’ve entered into this partnership with FuelPositive.

“We want the farm to be around for our children, so, we are trying to be as good to the environment and to our soil as we can,” Curtis said in a statement. “As well, we've had issues in the past few years where we were waiting for anhydrous ammonia in the field because our retailer didn't have it in stock. We’ve also seen huge price increases. We pre-bought our ammonia for this fall at around $1,200 a tonne, and I understand that the price is double that now. The volatility is what we don't like in the market.”

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