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Manitoba FuelPositive project receives CAP funding

Manitoba FuelPositive project receives CAP funding

The Hieberts will house FuelPositive’s first full-sized green ammonia production system on their farm

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Manitoba and Ottawa are investing in green ag technology.

Through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), the two levels of government are investing $300,000 in FuelPositive to bring a green ammonia production system to a Manitoba farm.

Tracy and Curtis Hiebert will have system on their 11,000-acre farm in Sperling, Man., and use it to fertilize their land in spring of 2023.

Tracy and Curtis Hiebert
Tracy and Curtis Hiebert. FuelPositive photo.

The system will be housed in three 20-foot containers, require bulk ammonia storage tanks and a comprehensive safety system including cameras, lights and fencing.

The couple signed a letter of intent with FuelPositive in April 2022. In November, FuelPositive provided updates about the installation.

The green ammonia can also be used to dry grain, heat buildings and fuel machinery.

The system used a nitrogen generator to produce nitrogen from air, a water electrolyser to produce hydrogen from water, and an ammonia synthesis converter to produce green ammonia from the hydrogen and nitrogen.

The containerized system helps farmers eliminate carbon emissions but also provides farmers with fertilizer flexibility.

“Investments in clean technology are helping producers stay competitive and become more resilient to environmental stressors and climate change,” Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal minister of agriculture, said in a statement. “This investment in FuelPositive builds on innovations already being adopted by Manitoba’s producers to reduce their carbon footprint while sustainably feeding the world.”

A company rep discusses FuelPositive's on-farm use starting at 6:52 of the video.

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