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MFC Says More Undercover Videos in Progress

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Farmers beware, animal activists may be working on your farm.

Mercy for Animals (MFAC) spokesperson Twyla Francois revealed in an interview with Maclean’s, that one of its undercover investigators (the same one that exposed the dairy farm in B.C.) is working at another farm, adding that it was one of several on-going investigations.

The tidbit of information was reported while MFAC was sharing insight into its most recent investigation which took place at Canada’s largest dairy farm - Chilliwack Cattle Co. The undercover agent captured disturbing images of animal cruelty involving dairy cows being abused, and made the video public earlier this month.

Immediately after the video was aired, the eight workers who were identified in the video had their jobs terminated and are now facing criminal charges. Following the video’s debut, MFC launched a petition calling on Saputo to stop purchasing milk from the dairy farm in question.

Saputo, like all dairy processors in Canada, are required by law (under supply management), to purchase milk from provincial marketing boards, and in this case the B.C. milk board.

Under presser, the B.C. milk board ordered that milk be destroyed from Chilliwack Cattle Co., and said it would not be accepting milk from the farm until additional external audits were completed.

 In essence, MFAC has been successful in getting their message across, as Saputo listened to their demands to stop buying milk which then put pressure on the B.C milk marketing board to stop picking milk up from the farm. A move which many farmers would argue exacerbates the situation further, making it more difficult for the farmer to make the necessary changes to improve welfare practices and train employees. If the milk isn’t getting picked up from the farm, then the farmer isn’t getting a cheque, making it tough to pay for things like veterinary bills, medicine, upgrades to handling facilities or pay staff – all of which are essential to support animal welfare.

The move to dump approximately 90,000 liters milk a day from the farm sparked an uproar from consumers and dairy farmers (mostly dairy farmers), prompting Chilliwack Cattle Co. to create their own petition, asking that milk pick up at the farm be resumed.

It’s typical for animal rights groups like MFAC to start campaigns, including petitions following the release of an undercover video, because these videos are then used to push their vegan agenda that encourages people not to eat meat, dairy or egg products.

MFAC began in Canada about two years ago, and is modelled from Mercury for Animals in the United States, which was founded in 1999. The B.C dairy farm was MFC’s sixth targeted farm that produced a video. To date chicken, turkey, pig and veal farms have been subjected to undercover missions.

While MFAC has said more undercover operations are ongoing, it’s unknown where in Canada they’re taking place or at what type of farming operation. But MFAC agents film at any farm where they can get employment. Both male and female agents have been active in MFC investigations.


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