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National Ag Day Kicks Off in the U.S.

National Ag Day: A Day to Celebrate the Contributions of Agriculture

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It`s one day where agriculture is celebrated by all Americans – March 19th marks National Agriculture Day in the United States.

The day is designated as National Ag Day for the purpose of increasing the profile of agriculture. The day has been observed as a celebration of agriculture since 1973, which is backed by the Agriculture Council of America (ACA).

The ACA not only encourages, but supports programs and initiatives that make an effort to observe National Ag Day in their community, schools and places of employment. The council also provides educational material and serves in a public relations capacity to help promote the day.

One fun fact to think of when celebrating the contributions that agriculture has played in our everyday lives is that the average American farmer today produces enough food to feed 144 people - which has grown substantially since the 1960s, when the average farmer could only feed 25 people.

More information about National Ag Day can be found on the official website at

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