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New name for cattle flu - Introducing Bovine Influenza A Virus


The world of bovine health sees a pivotal change as the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) introduces a new term for avian influenza in cattle - Bovine Influenza A Virus, or simply BIAV. This renaming, detailed in an April 8, 2024, announcement, recognizes the distinct symptoms and lower fatality rate of the disease in cattle compared to its avian counterpart.

This significant shift in terminology arises from findings that, although the H5N1 avian influenza virus causes the disease in both birds and cattle, its effects are less severe in the latter. The AABP's recommendation aims to clarify this distinction, urging a departure from misleading terms such as “HPAI in cattle” or “bird flu in cattle.”

The initiative seeks broad adoption among governmental and industry circles, aiming to reshape perceptions and approaches to managing the disease. It reflects a dedicated effort to more accurately describe and address the health challenges faced by cattle, ensuring responses are tailored to the specific needs of this population.

No BIAV cases have been reported in Canadian cattle to date, with current findings limited to poultry. This proactive renaming by the AABP not only refines veterinary lexicon but also enhances the agricultural community's ability to combat and understand livestock diseases, emphasizing the nuanced nature of animal health across different species.

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