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Ralco invests $100,000 in South Dakota State University swine research facility

Facility will include classroom, viewing area, and wean-to-finish barn

By Diego Flammini,

South Dakota State University (SDSU) is sending a bold message to other universities and swine professionals by constructing a state-of-the-art swine research facility, and Ralco Animal Nutrition is providing support for their vision.

The third-generation, family owned operation with livestock nutrition and crop enhancement products in over 30 countries, is investing $100,000 to SDSU.

The facility will include public education and outreach initiatives, a 1,200 wean-to-finish barn designed for large-scale investigation, and focus on nutrition and management research.

The investment could have far-reaching capabilities.

“What is as important as the financial support of this project is Ralco’s trust that we will train good students coming out of here, and we will do good research that will help the industry. It’s not just the financial contribution but it’s Ralco’s belief in us that we are going to do what is right for the industry and that this will be a benefit to the entire swine industry,” said Dr. Bob Thaler, professor and Extension Swine Specialist at SDSU.

Ralco looks at the decision to invest as an opportunity to grow their brand, and achieve the company’s goal of safe and abundant food supply worldwide.

“Increasing global food production will take new technologies and innovation, and we want young people to realize that they can make an impact in agricultural fields,” said Dr. Jon Holt, swine nutritionist at Ralco. “Donating to projects such as the SDSU Swine Teaching and Research Facility supports both of those causes. We also feel it is important to have close ties to local universities, and SDSU has shown their commitment towards expanding opportunities for educating future employees in agriculture and providing facilities to increase public awareness of swine production.”

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