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Sask. Receives $4M in Livestock, Forage Research Projects

Saskatchewan’s livestock industry received $4.2 million in funding today for 27 livestock and forage research projects. The funding support came through the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund. Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart and MP Kelly Block made the announcement on behalf of Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.

Research will focus on a number of livestock species such as - beef, swine, and dairy, as well as forages.  Block spoke about the importance that Canadian farmers put on agricultural research. “The livestock projects announced today will help producers innovate, which in turn will strengthen our economy here in Saskatchewan and across Canada,” said Block.

Projects will be spread over four research areas including:

• Develop new vaccines for hogs and beef cattle
• Find the best ways to improve yield and marbling in beef cattle  
• Increase reproductive fertility/efficiency in livestock
• Examine the effect of ergot-contaminated feed on cow-calf operations
• Create feed which will promote optimum performance in livestock

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