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Stats Can: Farm Input Costs On The Rise

Farm Input Price Index Rose 0.8 Percent In Q3 2012

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The Canadian Farm Input Index rose 0.8% in the third quarter, according to Statistics Canada.

As for animal production, it rose 3.7% - which actually contributed to the rise in the overall index. While animal production input costs were higher, there was a decrease in crop production inputs by 1.7%. Since 2010, animal production has been the main contributor to growth.

The statistics collected were from across Canada and there was an index increase in eight provinces. Ontario and Quebec were the highest, with Ontario at 1.9% and Quebec at 2.5%. While Ontario and Quebec saw farm input costs rise, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick saw decreases – with Saskatchewan experiencing a decrease of 1.1% and New Brunswick by 0.1%.

Looking at the national average, farm input prices increased by 5.8% between Q3 of 2011 and Q3 of 2012.

More information can be found on Statistics Canada website.

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