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Top global swine-producing companies

Top global swine-producing companies

The list prepared by Genesus offers the top swine producers representing about 20 percent of the global production.

By Andrew Joseph,

For the past six years, Genesus has been identifying the World Mega Producer companies—those operations with 100,000 sows or more.

Genesus calls itself the world’s largest independent producer of high-health registered purebred swine in the world, owning over 80 percent of all registered purebred breeding stock in Canada. Its sole focus is non-GMO swine genetic improvement built on factors that improves its customers' profitability in sow reproduction, feed intake and growth performance, natural disease challenges resistance, as well as carcass and meat quality.

The global swine industry has undergone immense changes and cycles.

North American producers have seen losses for nearly two years, with little to no profitability gains, which has caused herds to shrink.

In Europe, sow herd size has also reduced dramatically through financial losses and has seen fairly high prices for over a year.

China has seen loss after loss and has observed prices rising much higher than where they once were entering the profitability area.

With such dramatic financial losses for both the Chinese and North American swine industries occurring in 2023, experts feel that the smaller existing herds will create an opportunity for greater profitability over the next few months.

This year's Genesus World Mega Producer list compromised 49 companies in 10 different countries and three other World Mega Management Companies.

Three new entries have joined this year's list, including the first-ever entries of companies from Mexico and Vietnam.

China's Muyuan Foodstuff Co., Ltd. saw the largest overall increase in sow holdings with a 2023 increase of 315,000 over 2022. It is also #1 on the Genesus list.

Fujian Aonong Group, #25 on the list, is also from China, but saw the largest decline in sow numbers, decreasing by 160,000 head from 2022 to 2023.   

Also of note, is that of these top 52 businesses, they saw an overall increase of 400,977 sows between 2022 and 2023--and that's even with Fujian Aonong's reported loss of 160,000 head, #18's Zhengbang Group losing 150,000, and #26's Yangxiang also dropping 150,000 sows.    

These top companies process over 16 million reported sows, which represent about 20 percent of all sow production on the planet. Genesus has supplied swine genetics to nearly half of all the companies on this year's World Mega Producer list.

2024 MEGA Producer List



# of Sows


# of Sows


2023 vs 2022

1Muyuan Foodstuff Co., Ltd.       China3,130,0002,815,000+315,000
2Wens Food Group Co., Ltd. China1,570,000 1,400,000 +170,000
3Charoen Pokphand (CP) Foods Thailand1,115,0001,115,0000
4New HopeChina820,000850,000-30,000
5Smithfield Foods/WH GroupUSA810,000885,000-75,000
6Twins GroupChina550,000380,000+170,000
7JBS USA - Seara FoodsUSA-Brazil531,358538,000- 6,642

Triumph Foods:

Christensen Farms (140,000 sows)
The Hanor Co.  (82,500 sows)
Allied Producers’ Co-op(67,565 sows)
Eichelberger Farms (62,500 sows)
New Fashion Pork (57,000 sows)

9BRF S.A.Brazil340,000397,825-57,825
10Seaboard FoodsUSA336,000364,000-28,000
11Sichuan Dekon GroupChina333,200450,000-116,800
13Vall Companys GroupSpain300,000260,000+40,000
15Aurora AlimentosBrazil263,000263,0000
16COFCO GroupChina250,000220,000+30,000
17Iowa Select FarmsUSA250,000250,0000
18Zhengbang GroupChina200,000350,000-150,000
19Frimesa Cooperativa CentralBrazil180,000178,150+1,850
20Prestage FarmsUSA175,000180,000-5,000
22Costa Food GroupSpain160,000155,000+5,000
23Guangxi Guiken Animal Husbandry Co., LtdChina157,000125,00032,000
24Da Bei NongChina153,100180,000-26,900
25Fujian Aonong GroupChina150,000310,000-160,000
28CJ GroupSouth Korea144,000137,000+7,000
29Christensen FarmsUSA140,000140,0000
30Tecon BiologyChina140,000140,0000
32The MaschoffsUSA135,000150,000-15,000
33Guangdong Haid GroupChina128,000150,000-22,000
35Guangxi Liyuan GroupChina120,000100,000+20,000
36BachocoMexico120,000New Entryn/a
37Greenfeed Vietnam CorporationVietnam116,000New Entryn/a
38Clemens – Country View Family FarmsUSA115,421105,00010,421
41New WellfulChina110,000105,000+5,000
42Kingkey Smart AgriChina108,000108,0000
43Grupo JorgeSpain105,000105,0000
44Tang Ren Shen (TRS) GroupChina100,000100,0000
45Sichuan TechLex GroupChina100,000100,0000
46Huatong SharesChina100,000100,0000
47Guandong TINOOChina100,000100,0000
48Wuhan Golden DragonChina100,000100,0000
49Shennong GroupChina100,000New Entryn/a
 World Mega Management Companies    
1Pipestone ManagementUSA390,682330,070+60,612
2Carthage SystemUSA180,400180,4000
3AMVC Management ServicesUSA168,000155,000+13,000
 TOTAL 16,555,72616,154,749+400,977

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