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Transferring Submerged Water Solution

Transferring Submerged Water Solution

Photo Credit: Ryobi 

A cool tool for helping you transfer water out of a well, pond, or sump pump 

By Braxten Breen Intern 

The need for manual pumping is now eliminated, with Ryobi, farmers are now able to transfer water out of a well, pond, sump pump, or flooded area.   

The 18V ONE+ 20 GPM Submersible Water Transfer Pump Kit is an ideal pump for displacing water from one area to a specific area on the farm to another.  

Farmers will be able to transfer water quickly with an impressive 20 GPM at 1/6 hp speed, efficiently pumping water out of a submerged area on the farm.  

A 23” head height allows the pump to be used in various situations draining water levels up to 1 1/16”. Farmers can easily attach the pump to a standard 3/4” garden hose, and being on a farm, farmers will have dozens of garden hoses, creating endless reach when transferring water.  

Undoubtedly if you are removing water, it may not be crystal clear.  With the Ryobi water pump kit, a strainer to filter water that may have debris has been incorporated into the system, which means when the water is transferred through the pump, the debris will be caught.   

Ryobi has built this pump to last, and it is designed with a 3-mode automatic shutdown timer and an automatic shutdown sensor. Farmers can choose to set the pump with a shutdown timer from 5, 10, or 15 minutes or the shutdown sensor, where the pump will shut off once no water is detected.  

A cool tool that is not always needed, but is greatly appreciated when the unexpected happens. 

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