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AFBF wants to make milk pricing more transparent

Ever heard of the Federal Milk Marketing Order hearings, they’re a big deal in the dairy world, and right now, they're buzzing with discussions. At the heart of these talks? The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF). 

One of the hottest topics brought up by AFBF is the proposal to phase out barrels from market surveys. Turns out, barrels have been a bit of a troublemaker, causing market imbalances and multiple federal order issues. Their aim is a smoother and fairer marketplace for everyone. 

But wait, there's more! AFBF is also rooting for the inclusion of 640-pound blocks and unsalted butter in these market surveys. They think that diversifying the survey with more products can lead to clearer insights into pricing. It’s all about understanding what the market truly wants. 

And AFBF doesn’t stop there. They're advocating for a pause button on make-allowance increases. Their suggestion is to wait until a thorough USDA survey of processing plants is conducted. The goal is to make informed decisions based on real plant costs and production yields. 

With these hearings expected to run till the end of September, maybe even stretching longer, AFBF’s active participation shows its dedication to the dairy community. The focus remains clear: creating a harmonious and prosperous dairy market for all. Here’s to a brighter future in the world of milk! 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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