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Canadian Crop Hail Association Releases Latest Report

Thunderstorms seemed to be a regular occurrence across the Prairies lately.
There was more storm activity over the weekend in all three provinces including reports of three tornadoes touching down in Southern Saskatchewan and softball-sized hail on Saturday. 
Storm damage is keeping hail adjusters busy, in the last two weeks in June, the Canadian Crop Hail Association reported 100  hail claims.
CCHA President Rick Omelchenko says they've been hearing about pea to quarter-sized hail being reported in multiple storms.
 "There's been some really, really heavily hit areas, but it's been spotty.  There's really no definite areas in particular right now, its right across the prairies Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta."
He says when it comes to the recent thunderstorms there's a real cycle of activity.
"Every day or every second day we're getting reports that hail hits somewhere. and it's been extreme in some places like not really vast across all the provinces like they used to be.  There's little pockets stirring up and with all this heat and moisture in the air, it's going to keep happening."
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