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Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 620 Tractor Sets New Performance Records for Maximum Pull and Fuel-efficient Horsepower in Nebraska Test Results

The Case IH Steiger®​ 620 tractor sets the record — whether wheeled or Quadtrac®​​ — for best-in-class power and efficiency.
In recent tests at the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory​ (NTTL), the Steiger Quadtrac 620 tractor performed better than any other tracked tractor in areas of drawbar fuel efficiency, drawbar horsepower and maximum pull.1 This builds on record-setting results​ released for the Steiger 620 wheeled model earlier this year.2
“These results prove that Steiger tractors have the highest and most effective transfer of power to the ground,” said Mitch Kaiser, Case IH Steiger tractor marketing manager. “But it’s not just about feeling that power in the operator’s seat. An efficient transfer of power to the ground is important to pull larger implements, or pull the implements you already have, faster to cover more acres in a day.” 
Efficient Power engine design
In many high-draft load conditions, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions technology can aid in providing fuel economy and power generation that surpasses competitive engines. Additionally, it allows the engine to run cleaner, which extends oil change intervals — 600 hours for Case IH versus 450 hours for most competitive units — thus reducing operating costs and helping to keep maintenance lower. Thanks to an efficient transmission and driveline, the tractor also delivers additional drawbar horsepower to increase productivity.
Kurt Druffel of Pullman, Washington, who has driven both Case IH and John Deere four-track tractors, agrees. “The Case [IH] Quadtrac recovered faster and got back up to speed at a more consistent pace than the John Deere,” Druffel said.
Mitch Kaiser points out that the benefits of additional horsepower go beyond faster recovery. “With nearly 13 additional horsepower at the drawbar, you can cover more acres in a day,” Kaiser said. “Whether tilling, seeding or simply pulling a grain cart, you will have more power at your command to get you through tough conditions where every horsepower matters.”
The NTTL is the officially designated tractor testing station for the United States and tests tractors according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) codes. Twenty-nine countries adhere to the OECD tractor test codes, with active test stations in 25 countries around the world. 
Proven four-track design
More than 20 years of industry-leading track technology can be found on every Steiger Quadtrac tractor, featuring four individually driven, positive drive oscillating tracks. These fourtrack systems include an exclusive Case IH five-axle design to distribute weight evenly and consistently. Each track maintains constant contact with the ground, giving producers a great ride, optimal pressure, superior flotation, increased traction and less compaction.
The NTTL results reflect the Case IH Customer Driven Product Design process, which includes focus groups and intensive testing by customers and engineers alike to ensure equipment is built for High-Efficiency Farming. This design has resulted in a standard variable rate steering system for smoother operation and exclusive four-point full-cab suspension for a more comfortable ride.
“Just sitting in the seat, you get a lot less vibration. It’s just a lot smoother ride in the Case [IH tractor],” said Nicholas Strom, a corn and soybean producer from South Dakota who has also driven both the Case IH and John Deere track tractors. “You jiggle around a little more on the [John] Deere and you can even see the violent kind of movement of the hood, just because the cab is rocking so much and you just don’t have that in the Case [IH tractor]. It’s just a much nicer ride.” 
Source : CNH Industrial