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CN Notes Prairie Grains Moving Smoothly to Port

Even with some of the challenges throughout the winter, one of Canada's national railways, CN, stated this week that grain is moving smoothly to the ports for export this spring.

The railway was affected by an 8 day strike in November and illegal blockades in February.  Executive Vice President of CN Rail, Shawn Finn notes that in the last two weeks CN has spotted very high number of cars.  In the winter, they target to spot 4,150 cars a week.  Last week they spotted 7,160 cars and this past week 6,900 cars.  Overall they are ahead of last years numbers in car spotting, metric tonnes moved in the past week, but are behind last years numbers in metric tonnes moved in the year, mainly due to the blockades in February.

The railway hit an all-time record in grain moved in March, which was 2.62 million tonnes, a 6.1 percent increase from 2017, the previous record for March.

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