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Dr Tom Stein Joins i-Novarum/Maximus Team

The Quebec SME partners with a world-leading expert of the swine industry and a pioneer in technological solutions for farm businesses


SNews Release

Saint-Hubert, September 13th, 2016 - We are proud to announce that Dr. Tom Stein will be joining the I-Novarum/Maximus team. Dr. Stein is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and also has a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Minnesota. He designed the PigCHAMP software in the 80's and was the cofounder of MetaFarms in 2000. He is a leader in the design of management support software for swine production.

Dr. Stein was named, by the National Hog Farmer magazine, as one of the "Top 50" most influential persons in the US swine industry of the 20th century. In 2011, he received the Howard Dunne Award for his outstanding contributions to swine production and health, from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

"I am very proud to join the i-Novarum/Maximus team who shares a vision that I have promoting for my entire career: improving the welfare of animals and the performance of farm businesses through technological innovations," said Dr. Stein.

Part of his new role within the I-Novarum/Maximus team will be to promote our products internationally. Our company will also benefit from his technical expertise and strategic advice. "This new association demonstrates the technological leadership of our company and reaffirms our determination to remain a leader in the agricultural sector," said Mr. André Spilmann, engineer and executive chairman of i-Novarum/Maximus.

About Maximus

Invented in Quebec, the Maximus control system was brought to market in 2012. It combines monitoring and task automation equipment with the newest mobile digital technologies to contribute to the well-being of animals, increase the performance of facilities, and provide greater freedom to producers. Hence, the Maximus system allows to manage, remotely and in real time, a large number of settings such as ventilation, air quality, lights, energy consumption, and animal feeding and weighing. The system can also control access and implement biosecurity measures. Using various scalable solutions, the Maximus system meets hog, poultry and dairy producer needs, in a personalized way.

The Maximus control systems are now sold in Canada, United States, Brazil, China, Japan, Russia, Europe, Algeria, and Morocco.

About i-Novarum

i-Novarum is a management software suite specially designed to support the productivity of agricultural businesses, improve livestock management, and facilitate the decision-making process. Using i-Novarum software, the world of agriculture can profit from the cloud-based technology benefits: adaptability to the needs of each farm business, mobility, and user friendliness. The i-Novarum software suite is developed for hog and poultry producers.


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