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Emerson Milling Under New Ownership

Oat processor Emerson Milling Inc. is under new ownership.
Real Tetrault started the company 33 years ago. He says the timing was right to sell the business.
"It was about a year in the making, where I talked to my accounting firm...we went through almost 100 companies. We sent them a letter telling them Emerson Milling was on sale. We narrowed it down to about five, then to two, then to one. At the end, it's a company out of Winnipeg, it's an investment company, I won't divulge the name at this point, they came up with the best bid."
Tetrault says the sale of Emerson Milling was complete on May 11th. He doesn't expect much to change going forward with Jarrod Firlotte taking over as manager.
"It was difficult, it's still difficult to talk to staff," Tetrault said. "I enjoyed very much the people we dealt with, and the people we had on staff and the whole Emerson Milling era was great for me and hopefully it was great for the staff as well and great for farmers."
Emerson Milling currently employs about 16 to 20 people.
Tetrault is now focusing his attention as CEO of Mid Canada Transload Services Ltd. south of Letellier, MB.
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