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FCC Continuing To Support Mental Health Training

The Do More Agriculture Foundation (DMA) and Farm Credit Canada (FCC) have announced they are extending and expanding their partnership to bring mental health awareness and training to rural Canada.
“We are so very grateful for the positive feedback, overwhelming interest and powerful impact this pilot project is having on the lives of so many producers and rural residents,” DMA Executive Director Adelle Stewart said. “It’s thrilling to think of the reach we will have across Canada through this continuation and expansion of mental health literacy training in rural Canada, as well as the many more agriculture-focused workshops we will be able to offer our producers.”
Under the pilot project, FCC provided $50,000 in funding to facilitate mental health first aid training in 12 communities across Canada.
As a result, 236 rural residents are now certified mental health first aid responders and leaders.
In 2020, FCC will invest an additional $100,000.
“Mental health issues impact every segment of our society and those who work in Canada’s thriving agriculture and food industry are not immune,” said Michael Hoffort, FCC president and CEO. “As a committed partner to this industry, we recognize the need for increased mental health support in agriculture, where people – often located in rural Canada – can sometimes feel isolated and don’t always know who to turn to for help.”
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