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Federal Investment To Improve TFW Program

On Friday, the Federal Government announced additional action is being taken to reduce the incidence and impact of COVID-19 outbreaks on farms. 
Ottawa is investing $58.6 million to strengthen the Temporary Foreign Workers Program to safeguard the health and safety of Canadian and temporary foreign workers.
There's $7.4 million to increase supports to temporary foreign workers, including $6.0M for direct outreach to workers delivered through migrant worker support organizations.
There's $16.2 million to strengthen the employer inspections and $35 million to improve health and safety on farms and in employee living quarters to prevent and respond to the spread of COVID-19.
This money will be used for infrastructure improvements to living quarters, temporary or emergency housing (on- or off-farm), as well as PPE, sanitary stations, and any other health and safety measures. 
Non-repayable contributions will be cost-shared 50:50 with the applicants.
The Government will also work to develop mandatory requirements to improve employer-provided accommodations, focusing on ensuring better living conditions for workers which will help reduce the risk of infection and spread of COVID for foreign workers.
The Windsor-Essex County in Ontario is currently dealing with a COVID outbreak amongst Temporary Foreign Workers. 
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