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Free workshop helps farmers assess their operations

Primary producers who adopt farm business management practices have increased profitability, confidence, peace of mind, and family and farm team harmony.

Finding out what those best practices are and where to start is the biggest struggle.

Recognizing this, Farm Management Canada created the Seeding Success: Farm Business Practices Assessment Workshop to help producers improve their business practices by combining self-assessment and action plan development with access to support resources.

Participants will work their way through a series of self-assessment questions to identify their current practices under key management areas including production, marketing, finances, human resources, succession planning, social responsibility, and business goals.

Based on their self-assessment, participants will identify their top priority areas for improvement to start creating action plans.

Participants will not be asked to share personal or financial details of their operations, but rather assess their practices against industry practices. Information on additional support and resources including advisory services, training, and cost-share funding opportunities will be shared.

The one-day workshop is free, and open to all Canadian producers. Farm families and management teams are encouraged to attend the workshop together.

The workshop is being offered in February and March in multiple locations across Canada.

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