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Grain Growers of Canada Statement on Speech from the Throne

OTTAWA – The Grain Growers of Canada Chair Jeff Nielsen today issued the following statement on the Speech from the Throne which was delivered by Governor General Julie Payette.
Yesterday’s Speech from the Throne displayed a concerning lack of understanding of the unique needs of Canada’s export-oriented agriculture producers. This is particularly surprising considering the magnitude of the challenges currently facing farmers in every province across the country.
Farmers are facing times of unprecedented challenge in the international marketplace through trade disruptions due in large part to a rise in protectionism, and here at home with weather volatility and a lack of reliable business risk management programs. The absence of any recognition of the dire circumstances facing farmers today, suggests that our political leaders are not only oblivious the harsh realities facing Canada’s export oriented farmers, they are without a plan to address them. It is our hope that the passing reference to remove additional barriers to domestic and international trade for businesses and farmers will come with a robust plan to expand and diversify trade and support the domestic and global competitiveness of export-oriented farmers.
Source : GGC