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Hay Market Demand And Price Report For The Upper Midwest As Of October 23 , 2015

Demand and Sales Activity

The all grade hay price from all markets in creased by $ 7 .00 per ton this week compared to the previous report . The data is collected from markets in Wisconsin and nearby Midwestern states.

For Nebraska , There is light demand with a n adequate supply of forages with steady prices . Dry weather is allowing farmers to make top quality 4 th and 5 th cutting hay.

For Iowa , there is good demand for small square bales and buyers were paying a premium for prime hay .

In South Dakota , very quiet week for hay sales . Demand is light with steady prices. Cattle farmers are weaning and marketing calves, which may increase demand for hay.

For Missouri, market activity is light; supply is moderate to heavy with steady pricing. There wa s a slight uptick in old crop hay purchases a result of dry weather and lack of stockpiled forage to support dry cows.

In Southwest Minnesota, l iterally no prime quality hay at auction . Very small sample this week with only four loads of alfalfa hay sold.

For Illinois, demand for quality alfalfa hay is g ood . A large offering of prime quality hay carri ed the market this week pushing prices up to $450.00 per ton . In Wisconsin , qu a lity hay arriving at the auction moved prices higher this week . Lower quality hay is in plentiful supply and overall the hay price is reflecting supply .

The Midwest straw market was slightly depressed compared to the last report . Market price for s mall square bale straw averaged $ 3 . 0 0 a bale (range of $ 1 . 0 0 to $6.00) . L arge square bale straw price was off abou t $1.00 per bale , with an average price of $ 3 4 . 0 0 per bale ( wide range of $ 1 2. 00 to $ 56 .00); and large round bale straw price dropped $4.00 per bale ; with a n average price of $ 2 1 .00 per bale ( range of $ 1 0 .00 - $ 31 .00 per bale ).

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