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Huron Feeding Systems Celebrating 40th Anniversary!

Come join the 40th Anniversary Party this Friday, April 6th at Huron Feeding Systems!

The grain bin industry has changed tremendously over the past 40 years, and Huron Feeding Systems has been busy changing right along with it! In 2018 they service and sell: grain bins and elevators, grain and corn dryers, mills, feed tanks, flex augers and more!

In the late 1970s Joe Seili decided to open his own business, Huron Feeding Systems. He undertook sales and installation of farm feeding equipment in 1978. He set his office up in the 400 square foot garage of his home, on Ellen Street in Brussels, Ontario. Joe dealt with sales, ordering, shipping and receiving; while his wife Debbie assisted and ran the office and handled payroll.

They battled, moving from a car to a van. Friends working part-time, evolved into full time workers. In 1987 the Seili’s built a 1,560 sq. ft. facility at 61 George St., in the Brussels Industrial Park. By 1988 the company had six vehicles, 12 employees and 2-way radios. Soon a forklift for unloading transports was added. 1995 saw the company enter the computer age. Shivvers joined the product line in 2006 and Meridian in 2014.

Many upgrades in the equipment have occurred. Hydraulic jacks have replaced hand cranks. Computers have become an invaluable part of the entire process.

Over the past 40 years, behind the scenes the government has been busy adding rules and regulations to the industry. Engineered concrete bases and building permits are now standard. Extensive paperwork trails are required as part of every job. Throughout this time Huron Feeding Systems has been evolving with these policies.

Recent years have seen Huron Feeding Systems working in the winter months with several micro-breweries, designing and installing storage tanks and cable delivery systems!

They are now handling product for: Shivvers, Meridian, Westeel, Brock, Valmetal, AgriDryLLC, RAD, De Dell Seeds… Joe annually reviews for additional lines that would accent the business.

And yes, it has remained a family business. Joe and Debbie, daughter Jacquie and grandson Tim. Today the company has 11 to 19 employees, depending upon the time of year!

(Image :- The three generations of Huron Feeding Systems are (left to right): Joe Seili, Jacquie Waechter and Tim Waechter.)

Come out to our 40th Anniversary Party this Friday, April 6. An “Open House” will be held from 9 am to 4 pm with coffee served throughout the day. A BBQ lunch will be served from 11 am to 1 pm. The Seili’s thank everyone for their support over the past four decades and look forward to serving you for many more years.

Source : Huron Feeding Systems