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Insulate your Budget with Free Energy Audits

If the word “audit” makes you break out in a cold sweat, this is one audit you can easily warm up to.

As part of our ongoing efforts to lessen your costs and boost your bottom line, Alberta Pork has engaged Dandelion Renewables to conduct energy audits on farm. working with the Growing Forward 2 program, we will cover the entire cost of the audit - estimated at $3500 – which includes a complete review of your barn’s energy use, including insulation, lighting, heating, power and more.

Once completed, the audit will provide producers with a written report offering suggestions on potential changes and technology choices, as well as the costs and benefits involved.

Audits will take place between now and April 1, 2015. The timing aligns with the opening of Growing Forward in 2015, so we can draft applications for any changes you decide to make and have them ready to submit to the Growing Forward On-Farm Energy Management Program upon its opening.

Not surprisingly, the response from producers has been strong. Out of 40 total audit places, 26 have already been booked and 4 are being held for participants in the Cost of Production Project.

To secure one of the 10 remaining spots, call Charlotte Shipp at 1-877-247-7675 or email

Source: AlbertaPork

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