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Is it a Five-Star Hotel? Or a Modern Pig Farm?

Next week, National Pork Board is taking Mythbusting to the next level. We're building on the success of last year's video series, "The Rural Dictionary" with Eric Stonestreet, by launching a new iteration of the campaign.

The new Mythbusting video creates a metaphor between the modern pig farm experience and a five-star resort hotel.

The goal: share accurate information about pig farming with at-risk, meat-reducing consumers.

Using a hidden camera, we recorded participants in a focus group who thought they were hearing ideas for a state-of-the-art hotel. In the end, they learn that all the amenities and features of the hotel happen every day on modern pig farms.

The integrated communications campaign will be shared by national, regional, local and trade media, as well as local promotions with state pork associations.

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