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KAP President Pleased With RML Removal From AgriStability

The president for Keystone Ag Producers (KAP) is acknowledging provincial and federal efforts to resume discussions on proposed changes to AgriStability.
"I think that that should be viewed as positive, that they were able to come back together and discuss what could be done in this timeframe," said Bill Campbell.
A highlight of the revised agreement, according to Campbell, is the removal of reference margin limit (RML).
"That has been one of the stumbling blocks under the new program, so with that removal hopefully it will bring a positive message and clarity to the program," he said. "Hopefully, it will be beneficial for livestock producers and those that had to deal with that component of the program."
Campbell noted it is disappointing that there wasn't movement on the compensation rate.
"I understand the offer is still on the if there is the desire for the provincial government to utilize that enhancement, hopefully they would see fit to do that."
Looking ahead, Campbell says KAP has already received some announcements as to how the province wants to move forward with the 2023 Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) funding arrangement, and as a result is working at the producer level to gauge what the industry wants to see with a modernized agreement.
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