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Manitoba Beef Producers AGM opens on Thursday

The Manitoba Beef Producers Annual General Meeting gets underway tomorrow in Brandon. 

This year the organization is celebrating it's 45th Anniversary and has lined up a number of keynote presentations that should be of interest to producers.

General Manager Carson Callum one issue that will be discussed over the next couple of days relates to predation.

"It's a key concern in some areas whether that's from coyote, wolf or others. Wolf depredation is really something that we're focusing on as an organization to try to come up with strategies to mitigate and alleviate those concerns."

Ray Bittner the project lead for the Livestock Predation Prevention Project will address the group on Friday to talk about some of his key findings. 

Another key part of the event is the Market Update, Brenna Grant from Canfax will give producers an update on what's happening with prices. 

Callum says from a price standpoint he thinks Manitoba producers should be pleased.

"I think there should be some smiles oneveryone's faces after the fall run here. Looking forward, I think those market fundamentals are still favorable. I mean things can change especially in the beef industry, but hopefully we got a number of years of good prices on the horizon that Brenna will inform us about."

Producers taking part in the event will also have a chance to hear from Corporal Ian Third from the RCMP Livestock Investigation Unit out of Saskatchewan.

He'll be talking about how the program was set up there, how it works and the impact it is having.

Callum says that's something Manitoba Beef is interested in and possibly looking to see here adding that's one of a number of resolutions coming to the floor during their AGM this week.

Producers interested in taking part and learning more about what's happening can visit their website at

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with the General Manager of Manitoba Beef Carson Callum click on the link below.

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