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Manitoba Hosts Protein Summit

The province hosted the first Manitoba Protein Summit on Thursday at Canad Inns Polo Park in Winnipeg.
Those in attendance included crop and livestock industry leaders, processors, academics, government and other stakeholders.
“Plant-protein demand is increasing at more than six per cent per year, with world demand expected to double by 2029, and animal-protein demand expected to double by 2050,” said Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler. “Historically, Manitoba has always been strong in protein production. However, by gathering here today, we are discussing additional opportunities that will make sure we can reap economic benefits through expanding livestock and plant-protein production and processing.”
At the summit, the province released a first-of-its-kind sustainable protein strategy, called the Manitoba Protein Advantage. Earlier this year, the Manitoba government consulted with industry stakeholders to develop the new strategy. Manitoba held 77 individual meetings with more than 300 participants and received more than two dozen written submissions.
Key priorities of the strategy include
- attracting new investment and jobs in plant and animal protein processing;
- growing the hog industry to meet current processing capabilities;
- seeking opportunities to grow beef and other animal-protein production to meet market opportunities;
- positioning Manitoba as a leading research and development centre in North America for plant-protein extraction technology
As part of the strategy, Portage's Food Development Centre (FDC) will be receiving $362,000 to support protein sector innovation and commercialization.
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